HEADSLab is a think tank of experts capable of creating an exciting environment through powerful speeches and special events.

HEADSLab is a community of thinkers where valuable and inspiring ideas take shape and whose goal is to give voice to innovation.

  • HEADSLab’s MISSION is to encourage INNOVATION by sharing and spreading new and brilliant ideas.

  • HEADSLab’s VISION is to change perspectives, build a global community of like-minded people and change the world of tomorrow.

Content Matters!

HEADSLab Conferences enrich and inspire audiences by bringing together powerful and game-changing ideas.

Every HEADSLab project is powered by unique and customized content, which is developed in close collaboration with the customer.

  • What We Do

    • organize meaningful, customized conferences and speeches
    • realize the event from conception to its delivery
    • spread new and brilliant ideas that make a change
    • create positive energy by presenting innovative ideas
    • leave the audience with clear takeaways

How We Work

Conferences, speeches and talks can be truly inspiring but also endless and boring. HEADSLab believes in finding the best ideas and the best speakers to create high-impact presentations.

  • Preparation

    Only a personalized 360° approach will deliver the perfect outcome. We adopt a holistic approach that goes far beyond expectations - every detail is tailor-made based on the customer’s needs.

  • Delivery

    A HEADSLab mentor will help to develop the project from its conception to its delivery by using a unique, memorable and innovative approach.


  • Brand identity: In order to organize the perfect talk we begin by exploring the customer’s company culture and identity.
  • Brief: Together with the customer we define the ideal format, the message we want to give, and the goal we want to reach.
  • Message Content: In this difficult and challenging phase we develop the event content, with a specific focus on giving the audience concrete takeaways, while respecting the customer’s own personal voice and style.
  • Speaker Scouting: Tapping into a consolidated network developed over the years in the fields of innovation, research, industry, start-ups, we analyze a wide range of speakers to find the RIGHT ONES.
  • Coaching: We help prepare the speakers to ensure the delivery of THE perfect speech, a speech that will effectively convey the speaker’s message to the audience.
  • Visual Presentation: With our print and digital support, every slide will be unique and eye-catching.


Case Histories

  • AMREF 2014 - We supported AMREF France in finding and coaching important speakers for their Annual Gala in Paris.

  • ACCENTURE 2015 & 2016

    2015 - Innov@tion Training Program Through a series of 9 inspirational speeches we added Valorization to Accenture’s business approach. The top 30 Accenture Managing Directors were inspired by experts in the field of innovative thinking. HEADSLab Mentors prepared the content of the workshops, scouted and coached the speakers, and oversaw the logistics. THE RESULT: extraordinary workshops aimed to communicate INNOVATION in Accenture’s business sector.

    2016 - D-League Program Thirty-six High-Potential Senior Managers were introduced to new leadership approaches during the D-Leaugue program . THE RESULT: Italian and international Model Leaders, scouted and prepared by HEADSLab mentors, shared their leadership experiences by exploring a series of topics ranging from creativity in leadership to creative leadership.

  • WAKEUPROMA 2016 - We were asked to realize a Corporate Social Responsibility Campaign in 5 months. #wakeupRoma is an initiative co-sponsored by LUISSEnLabs, the biggest Start-Up Accelerator in Europe, and Retake Roma, a volunteer movement. This "mega" collective action to requalify Rome resulted in the biggest clean-up campaign ever organized in Italy. THE RESULT: HEADSLab headed the project and organized it from the creative concept to its culmination when thousands of people took the street to defeat vandalism and urban decay.


  • We are driven by our passion for powerful ideas. We deeply believe that spreading innovation and new concepts will bring change. The HEADSLab TEAM is composed of consultants, professionals and creative minds who together constitute a unique staff that is able to deliver a tailor-made events in a wide range of areas including economy, technology, innovation, culture, sport, art and show business.

    The starting point for HEADSLab was the discovery of TED and TEDx, the world’s most inspiring innovation platform. Alessandra Lepri, the founder of HEADSLab, began her professional career in Saatcchi&Saatchi and McCann Erickson. She collaborated on the first edition of TEDxRoma, Out Of The Box (February 22nd 2014) and co-organized the second edition, Mediteranean Carrousel (May 11th 2015). She is currently collaborating as Communication & Partner for TEDxBergamo, which will take place in June 2016.


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